Danny Mariano | Salon Manager

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Danny came into the beauty industry in a most ironic way. Having been forced to perm his hair every three months from the young age of nine until he entered high school, one would think that would have been enough to keep him from ever entering a hair salon again. And yet, here he is.

Instead of being discouraged by what would seem to be a long-term self-esteem crushing experience, he dug deep and gave his creative spirit a purpose- fostering it and encouraging it to find his personal style in a sophisticated way, permed hair and all, that would marry the fashion and hairstyles of the time.  He even let his creativity guide him into being a "kitchen beautician" for his friends while in high school. He enjoyed the experience and did right by his friends for the most part. Luckily, for them, this was during the 80's; anything went. Thank you, Boy George!

His career path though took him away from initially going into the beauty industry so he could explore his other creative interests in fashion, music, architecture and interior design, and culinary arts. His exploration in these other industries, no matter which, was always rooted in customer service; his love of helping others being as strong as his passion in his interests. For this, Danny's many years in customer service have made him an invaluable part of the Honeycomb Salon experience. From the initial phone call to book an appointment to your actual time in the salon, he strives to make you feel like you've always been part of our Honeycomb family.



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