The Platinum Package | Great Hair And Skin Care For Your Special Day...

We are proud to provide Wedding Services for all communities of the Bay Area in a LGBTQ-friendly environment. This package offers in-salon services for the bride and three entourage guests. Services for larger groups and/or off-site locations can be discussed during an initial consultation.

For the bride who loves a luxury experience before, during, after and always! She makes sure her closest and dearest get to share in the experience too! 

Hair, Makeup, Skincare, Bridal Gift, Sparkling Wine and Curated Beverages Package starting at $2435




        • Three Facial Treatments for Bride

Day Of

        • two complimentary bottle of sparkling wine

        • curated selection of Pressed Juicery beverages and hot teas

        • 30 minute Power Glow Facial Treatment for Bride

        • 15 minute Power Glow Facial Treatment for three Bridesmaids

Bride’s Gift

        • Lip Liner, Lipstick, Hydration Mist and travel Hair Spray

Bridal entourage receives 40% off product purchases

After-Event Facials

        • Bride receives $50 off next two services

        • Entourage members $25 off next service 


Bridal Services

                • Updo & Makeup         $250 

                    gratuity 20%        $50

                        total         $300


Entourage Services for Three Guests

                • Blowout & Makeup        $525*

                    gratuity 20%        $105

                        total        $630


*Hairstyling Upgrades for Entourage Guests (gratuity included)

                • Blowout w/Hot Tools    +$30/guest

                • Updo                +$60/guest


[savings of $470 or more]



1] We gladly accept requests to add more guests to the entourage party for in-salon service and can easily accommodate a total of six guests including the bride.

2] More than six guests in an entourage party including the bride will require special consideration before confirming an appointment date.

3] Service pricing for each additional Entourage Guest service (gratuity included)

                • 15 minute Power Glow Facial Treatment    $54

                • Makeup only                    $120

                • Blowout only                    $90*

4] Pricing for on-location services are double the prices quoted above.