The Silver Package | Great Hair And Skin Care For Your Special Day...

We are proud to provide Wedding Services for all communities of the Bay Area in a LGBTQ-friendly environment. This package offers in-salon services for the bride and three entourage guests. Services for larger groups and/or off-site locations can be discussed during an initial consultation.

For the bride who enjoys a little extra pampering for herself and her entourage for the big day.

Hair, Makeup, Skincare and Bridal Gift Package starting at $1590




        • One Facial Treatment for Bride

Day Of

        • 30 minute Power Glow Facial Treatment for Bride

        • 15 minute Power Glow Facial Treatment for three guests

Bride’s Gift

        • Lipstick and Hydration Mist

Bridal entourage receives 10% off product purchases

 After-Event Facials

        •Bride receives $25 off next service   


Bridal Services

                • Updo & Makeup         $250 

                    gratuity 20%        $50

                        total         $300


Entourage Services for Three Guests

                • Blowout & Makeup        $525*

                    gratuity 20%        $105

                        total        $630


*Hairstyling Upgrades for Entourage Guests (gratuity included)

                • Blowout w/Hot Tools    +$30/guest

                • Updo                +$60/guest


[savings of $215 or more]



1] We gladly accept requests to add more guests to the entourage party for in-salon service and can easily accommodate a total of six guests including the bride.

2] More than six guests in an entourage party including the bride will require special consideration before confirming an appointment date.

3] Service pricing for each additional Entourage Guest service (gratuity included)

                • 15 minute Power Glow Facial Treatment    $54

                • Makeup only                    $120

                • Blowout only                    $90*

4] Pricing for on-location services are double the prices quoted above.