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Danielle utilizes 25 years of experience working with burn and cancer patients, sun-damaged pro athletes, sensitive global skin types with scarred problematic hyper-pigmentation and inflammation, wrinkles and health-related dehydration. 

The incredible study of "Biomimicry" is immersed throughout all of her treatments. This "approach to innovation seeks sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature's time-tested patterns, chemistry and strategies with the goal to create products, processes, and policies- new ways of living -that are well-adapted to life on earth over the long haul."

These treatments are fully customized to each individual, even down to the purest product formulations of 100% organic vegan, plus the rarely found combined certified pharmaceutical grade clinical skincare.

Finally, she includes the use of raw and freeze-dried cryo-stem cell infusions from Belgium and the deep innovative lightening peel ingredients from Korea. The latest state of the art results-oriented technologies are used along with skin care from around the world expertly combined with Hydra-Facial MD, Oxygen, various Light Therapies, Ultrasonic, TriVecta Enhancer, Collagen-fortifier Rejuvapen Micro-exfoliation and more...always considering holistic philosophies and modalities, but most importantly...your overall diet, health and lifestyle. The above is combined with ancient time-tested extremely therapeutic Lymphatic drainage, Kansa therapy, Reiki, Japanese and Ayurveda practice to ACHIEVE DEEPLY GORGEOUS HEALTHY SKIN!

Additional services [request by phone for times and pricing]:

  • Expert Eyebrow Design
  • Brazilian & Full-body Waxing [French sugar wax]
  • Eyebrow & Lash Tinting 

Main Service Menu available online:

  • Introductory Level: POWER BOOST $125
  • Intermediate Level: REPLENISHMENT & RESTORE $245